August 22, 2011

Some pretty Fine Twine

Ok... so I may have gone a bit overboard on twine last week. But, I have always loved bakers twine and the vast amounts of colors it comes in. Its a little bit vintage and a little bit preppy and a whole lot of fun.

I always wrap my packages with a piece of ribbon when they get shipped out, and I have been running low lately and I thought why not start to use brightly colored twine.

Divine twine and The Twinery have a nice selection... but at $15 for 240 yards I thought that seemed expensive.

I thought surely I could find a distributor that sold the real deal to bakery's for cheaper, sure enough I did. We Sell Coffee had 3400 yard cones for 9.95!! They didnt have nearly as many colors... But im pretty pleased with the colors I got. (Which was almost all the colors they offered)

So it looks like I now have a life time supply of twine....

Do you think my other treads are feeling dwarfed by the twine?

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