August 25, 2011

What I Want Now - Antique Bird Cage

So I couple days ago we had an earthquake, which is odd because I live in maryland....Not California or Japan.

I missed the full effect of my little 1950's bay front cottage feeling like it was going to collapse because I was running some dye test for Fall 2011 out on the screened in porch that sits atop of a big concrete slap. PD however was in his office that is on the 2nd floor, and said the walls started swaying in unison and the flat screen started wobbling so much that he ran over the steady it before jetting downstairs and out to the yard.

At 5.8 on the rector scale it was big enough to knock pictures off the wall, make some of my things (treads, dyes, button cases) I have lined on a shelf in my studio fall off, and spill of cup of coffee I had sitting on my desk. But other then that we didn't have much damage.

When I talked to my dad later that evening, he said in a sarcastic tone "he had some bad news and that my Birdcage didn't make it through the earthquake." When I was 10 I had a Bird, and it was around for about a year. Then it hung is self with some flax seed strands from the side of the cage (no joke, that happened.) So the cage got put on the top shelf in the laundry room where it was forgotten for more then 15 years. Until 2 days ago when it was shaken lose and smashed to the ground.

That cage was nothing great, but I have always loved a little display of vintage cages in a foyer or on a porch. Ive even seen them turned in to light fixtures. I have not started to lust after the a handing version to have in my studio. Here is some of my inspirations.

Outdoor display
, on bookcase, yellow, turquoise, light fixture

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