August 1, 2011

Shark attack!

One of the most popular items in my jewelry shop has always been the shark tooth necklace. Which is a fossilized shark tooth hand wrapped with either silver or gold wire and strung up on a small link chain.

I originally found the shark teeth at a dusty flee market while I was visiting friends in new Mexico. (Random right?) But there they were amongst all the turquoise beads and silver jewelry. So I bought a few, because I thought they were neat and went well with the ocean side-y look a lot of my jewelry has.

When I got them home and tried putting them on a necklace with some pearls I just thought they looked a little gaudy and took away from the simplicity of the tooth itself. So I wrapped one up and put it on a chain alone, and loved the way it looked so I wore it to work the next day. 2 different people stopped me and asked about them, and wanted to buy one.

So I made a few up and put them in my Etsy shop... and They sold, quickly.

I had only bought a few of them at the flee market, and I thought would be able to find them online easily.

Not So! Its crazy how many different types of sharks teeth there are, and how much some people think they are worth. I found some that look pretty similar but they wanted to charge almost $15 a tooth just because they were really old.

I finally found some online and looked like they were what I wanted so I ordered 50, which was the minimum order and hoped for the best. 3 days later they showed up, and they were perfect! well about 1/3 of them were, being that they are fossils 50 million years old (that's what it said on the website) quite a few of them were broken or had large chips out of them. But, still I was happy to have found them and be able to make some more necklaces.

Sadly the last time I went to the site to order some more... They had gone out of business.

I only had a few remaining teeth that were in good enough shape to put them on a necklace. That was last fall, and haven't been able to locate any since then.

But I am happy the say I found some more, and got them in the mail over the weekend and made a bunch of necklaces up. And will be putting them in the shop over the next few days.

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