August 16, 2011

Raspberry, Almond, & White Chocolate Trifle

For my step moms birthday last week, I decided to make the desert. I wasn't really in a cake mood and didn't want to do the normal strawberry short cake we always have for summer birthdays.

So PD suggested a trifle, and boy am I glad he did. I love a good trifle they are fun to make and usually come together really quick.

So I looked for a good recipe and sort of combined a few different ones a came across to make my own. And i have to say, it was really really good. Much better then any other trifle I have had before. It was light and had lots of flavors, and wasn't overly sweet.

It was a little more involved then some trifles, but totally worth it.

here's what you'll need.

* 3 1/2 cups chilled heavy whipping cream
* 12 oz package high-quality white chocolate, I used ghirardelli.
* A few pieces (like half a Hershey bar worth) Milk chocolate.
* 2 teaspoons almond extract, divided
* 1/2 cup sugar
* 1/2 cup water
* 7 ounces or one package English biscuits cookies/butter cookies.
* 1.5 cup raspberry jam, melted, divided
* 1 12-ounce packages frozen unsweetened raspberries, partially thawed.
* 2 6-ounce containers fresh raspberries
* 3/4 cup sliced almonds, toasted

On the stove simmer 1 cup of the whipping cream and once warm add about half to 3/4 of the bag of white chocolate chips, and the milk chocolate pieces. (I broke mine in little pieces so they melted faster) Wisk until melted, Then remove to heat and let cool to about room temperature.

In a bowl empty partly thawed frozen raspberry and sprinkle with sugar, put in fridge to continue thawing.

In a small saucepan simmer 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 tea spoon of almond extract.

In another small saucepan pour raspberry jam and simmer.

Start whipping the other 2 1/2 cups of whip cream and ad the last 1 teaspoon of almond extract. Just before it starts to form soft peeks, and once your whipping cream has cooled the to room temperature (I popped mine in the frige for about 10 mins because i was in a hurry) fold it in and keep whipping.

Now its time to start layering

1) Take your English biscuits and dunk them in to the sugar/water/extract syrup and then layer them along the bottom of your trifle dish.
2) Use about 1/3 of the jam and drizzle it over the biscuits
3) use about 1/3 of thawed raspberry and spread around, I also sprinkled a few fresh raspberry in this layer too.
4) Spread about 1/3 of whipping cream mix over the top.
5) Sprinkle with some sliced almonds
6) repeat 2 more times
7) On top mound fresh raspberry's and sliced almond

Cover and place in fridge for 5 hours or over night. The flavors seem to meld more if you leave it sit over night.


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