August 15, 2011

Monday Inspration - Dark and stormy

So its been on and off thunder storms here all weekend. In fact the lightning has kept me up the last 2 nights. Which is fine by me, because there is nothing I love more then a good thunder storm. And here on the Chesapeake bay we get our fare share of good ones, in fact it was almost a year ago that we got a direct hit. It blew out everything electrical in the house, blew the battery in the boat in to a million pieces and got battery acid all over the interior, and melted a plastic broom that was in the shed in to one big nub of plastic.

Even after that I still love storms, there is something about them that make me feel alive. The energy in the air and power the wind, rain and lightning have.

So with that here is this weeks inspiration board

All pictures from here

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