September 1, 2011

Up and running again!

So our power is back on, and the internet is up and working again...

Miss Irene was a little bit of a disappointing storm in my opinion. Our power went in and out about 20 times thru out the storm. But never stayed off for longer then 5 minutes until the next day. Our internet and TV were out for a few days... which is almost just as bad as not having power for me. But other then that and a couple a big branches that came down we didn't have any issues, and the water didn't even come up over the dock.

I should feel lucky however, because the houses across the creek from us still do not have power. And quite a few other houses around the area, mainly my brother who has taken up residence on our couch until his is back on.

I saw this picture on NatGeo and it made me laugh.

See full story here

We havent made it down to OC yet to check on PD's condo, we were thinking maybe next weekend. But im pretty sure we would have herd something if it was washed away.

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