September 6, 2011

Monday Inspration (on Tuesday)- Pulled Taffy

Its no secret that I love candy.

So when we were at the grocery store the other day, and I found this old fashion pulled taffy and they were half price, I had to get one in every flavor they had.

Not only were the wonderful tasting and smelling. Wild Cherry, Lemonade, Cotton Candy, and Grape were my favorites. The colors which peek thru the wrapper were bright and beautiful once opened. They reminded me of watercolors they way to colors blended to make other shades.

And was also quite relevant to the watercolor treatments I am doing on fabric lately.

The taffy is by Hammond's Candies and a quick visit to there website I found out they are located only 10 miles from my friends house in Denver and they do factory tours. Looks like I found something ill be doing when I am there in a couple months.

They also sell all their different candy creations on there site, the one that has caught my eye is Vanilla Mitchell Sweets which is a marshmallow dipped in vanilla caramel. What could be better?

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