July 23, 2011

My old friend is back

After graduating from college and moving back to Maryland my Singer 31-15 went to live in my parents guest room, My dad thought he would use it to mend sails, sail bags, awnings....who knows. But after using it once and stepping on the treadle like you would a home machine, and nearly sewing thru his arm he decided it had to much power for him. So he went back to his home machine with a heavy duty needle.

Recently my step mother decided they no longer had room for it in their house and it was going to be given away if I didn't want it anymore. Meaning I had to get it out of their house or it was going to be gone.

So with that, 1940's era machine has moved in to my studio and I cant wait to see if any of my leather construction knowledge is still with me.

Sadly in getting evicted from my parents house the little box the held all my feet, bobbins, and bobbin cases got lost, so i've tracked some down and they wont be here till next week.

I love the tag on the machine that says Patented USA Feb 21, 1899. The guy I purchased the machine from told me he thought it was originally from the 40's and was used in outerwear factories and probably came out of midtown somewhere. Which fascinates me to think this machine could have made something my grandparents wore.

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